Full Moon in Aries Ritual Bath Salts

How’s the full moon energy treating everyone? It’s a little intense over here. This full moon in fiery Aries–also called the Traveler’s moon or the Harvest moon–is all about action, intensity, and breaking through obstacles. It’s about pursuing new passions, or bringing ones from this last year to light. It’s a force to be reckoned … More Full Moon in Aries Ritual Bath Salts

New Moon Feels

Raise your hand if this new moon’s got you feeling ALL THE THINGS. Me? I’m feeling a little anxious around here. It’s a bit frantic. It’s a bit like I’m underwater. It’s a bit like I need to reexamine every one of my goals, and pretty damn fast. I’ve got so many new irons in … More New Moon Feels

Chaga, “King of Medicinal Mushrooms”

At the end of 2016, I went through a real tough spot with anxiety. Like, a three-panic-attacks-a-day, canโ€™t-leave-my-house kind of spot. Some of it was circumstantial (there were just a few stressors floating through the ether around November 2016) but mostly it was my body telling me something needed to change RIGHT NOW. I was … More Chaga, “King of Medicinal Mushrooms”

Why Young Living?

I hear a lot of stories about people discovering the magic of essential oils for the first time. They usually start off with an adorable mother of three talking about how their one weird friend always kept pushing oils on them, and after responding โ€œhell no why would I need this plant juice voodoo?โ€ a … More Why Young Living?