New Moon Feels

diffuserandcrystalsRaise your hand if this new moon’s got you feeling ALL THE THINGS.

Me? I’m feeling a little anxious around here. It’s a bit frantic. It’s a bit like I’m underwater. It’s a bit like I need to reexamine every one of my goals, and pretty damn fast. I’ve got so many new irons in the fire, and there is no way in hell I’m letting everything come undone.

Why hello, Virgo. It’s been a while.

Working through today by making very detailed to-do lists, checking off every little thing, and working in all the lavender and Stevie Nicks I can until I feel a bit more grounded.

Also taking a little advice from Brooke Hampton today: “Just breathe, mother fucker.”

Happy New Moon, lovelies. ❤

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