Full Moon in Aries Ritual Bath Salts

aries_saltsHow’s the full moon energy treating everyone? It’s a little intense over here.

This full moon in fiery Aries–also called the Traveler’s moon or the Harvest moon–is all about action, intensity, and breaking through obstacles. It’s about pursuing new passions, or bringing ones from this last year to light. It’s a force to be reckoned with. And it’s also damn exhausting.

I don’t know about you, but I’m spinning. So many ideas, so much to do, so much to keep up with. This energy is a powerful catalyst for movement–but take a minute to check in with yourself and ensure you’re not running yourself too ragged. Or becoming too competitive or overbearing to those around you, which is kind of Aries’s thing.

A little alone time might be in order. This is what I’m blending up tonight.

Full Moon in Aries Ritual Bath Salts

  • One part pink himalayan salt, for its high mineral content and detoxifying properties. But also because it’s pretty. And pink.
  • One part epsom or sea salt, for the same detoxifying purposes.
  • One part baking soda, to make your skin feel all soft and silky.
  • 4-8 drops of grounding, calming essential oils. I’m using lavender, cedarwood, and the Valor and Peace & Calming blends from Young Living. If you’re newer to oils, go easy on the quantity.
  • A handful of botanicals such as rose petals, lavender buds, chamomile, or jasmine flowers. This can end up being messy, so if that irks you add it all into a tub tea pouch or muslin bag.
  • Grounding, calming, loving crystals of your choice. I’ve got rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, tigers eye, aragonite, and pink aventurine on deck. Just don’t forget to charge those babies outside when you’re done.

Grab some tea or wine, put on some calming music, dim the lights, and let that Aries energy simmer down, now. It’ll still be around in the morning.

And go outside and say hi to that beautiful moon at some point tonight.



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