DIY:: Empty Bottle Bath Salts

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Is your essential oil corner being crowded out by all those empty bottles you can’t bring yourself to throw away?

Good news—you’re not a hoarder after all! You simply knew, somehow, deep down in your bones, there was still a use for these little bottles of plant magic. Like, for instance, amazing (and super thrifty) bath salts.

Here’s a fun and easy DIY for your Monday that will stretch your dollar AND free up space in that burgeoning oily stash.

1. Choose your container. I used a big beautiful glass cookie jar my niece gave me for Christmas, which I’m filling with salt so I don’t fill it with cookies. NOTE: GLASS OR CERAMIC PLEASE. Essential oils are amazing at pulling out toxins, and that includes pulling them out of plastic. Blech.


2. Gather up your empties. You can be as creative or selective with the scents you choose as you want. I was going for that whole “I just walked into Aveda” feel. But you do you.


3. Open and remove the orifice reducers from the bottles. You can do this pretty simply by gently placing the cap on (without screwing it down) and carefully prying it off to one side.


4. Place your empties in the bottom of your container. Keep them right side up as long as you can so the salt can get in, but expect them to roll around a bit.


5. Cover with salt. I use a mixture of Epsom salts for their detoxifying properties, and Himalayan salt because it’s pink—I mean, it’s high mineral content. Yep. Minerals. (Dried herbs and flowers are also lovely, but will mean more tub clean up after use.)


6. Give it a good mix. If there’s an airtight seal on the lid, just give it a shake. Bonus points if you shimmy around singing “I Wanna Be Like You” a la King Louie.


7. Let it sit. Depending on the number of bottles, it will smell pretty dreamy immediately. But you want to give the salt a chance to draw all that plant magic out.


Now add a pretty little scoop and sit it on your bathroom counter. BOOM. A ready-to-go spa experience, in a pretty package, for pennies per use.

What’s YOUR favorite way to use empty essential oil bottles?

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I wear a lot of hats. I’m a writer, designer, and motion graphics artist. A Taurus sun/Scorpio moon/Leo rising. An ENFP, HSP, and all-around bleeding heart. A folk medicine anthropologist and purveyor of tiny bottles of plant magic. I co-own Baskervillain Studios with my husband, John, and we live in a funky little enclave five-ish miles outside Atlanta with our kitty, Magical Mr. Murphy O. Milam. I started my blog because I’m fascinated by herbal medicine, natural remedies, essential oils, and DIY beauty. And because when the zombie apocalypse hits, damn it, I’m gonna need a trade. I’ll pull my weight, I promise. I write about my ongoing journey using herbs, Young Living essential oils, and traditional foods as a way to take ownership of my own health and wellness. I post recipes, herbal and folk remedies, and DIY skin and beauty care made from natural ingredients. And a little kitchen witchery sneaks in now and again.

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