Essential Oils & Energy

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If you’ve been around this space for any length of time, you’ll know that these little bottles of plant magic do so much more than just smell pretty. They support us emotionally, physically, spiritually, and… energetically?

Yup. Essential oils are one of the quickest, most potent ways to raise our vibrational frequencies. 

You guys. Literal. Plant. Magic.

Indulge me while I geek out on you just a bit…

Everything is energy. Everything has a measurable frequency. Humans absolutely do, as do our different organs.

A healthy human body has a frequency of 62-68 MHz.

Cold symptoms kick in around 58 MHz.

Flu symptoms at 57 MHz

Cancer reads at 42 MHz

Death begins at 25 MHz

You know what else has measurable frequencies? Our oils. Take a look…

Lavender 118 MHz

Frankincense 147 MHz

Thieves 150 MHz

Sacred Mountain 176 MHz

Joy 188 MHz

Rose 320 MHz

Idaho Blue Spruce 428 MHz

That last one might explain why I’m so head over heels for my BLISS BLEND: Idaho Blue Spruce, White Angelica, and Orange. The first time I tried these three together was in the bath, and I refused to waste those oils even when the water went frigid. I just kept adding tiny amounts of hot water until my toes were so pruney I could barely stand. 

These little bottles are SERIOUS energetic powerhouses. Which makes them pretty handy tools for all of us sensi’s, empaths, and bleedin’ hearts. And there are a lot of us in this space. ❤ 

Do you have an oil that lifts you up? Share your high vibe favorites with us!

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