Natural Perfume DIY

Did you know that some of the most toxic items in your home are the ones that are meant to make things smell fresh and clean? Wrap your head around that for a minute. Air fresheners, candles, fabric softeners, scented lotions, perfumes… It makes no sense, but there it is. Anything with the word “fragrance” in the ingredient list contains some nasty toxins that you don’t want to wear or breathe in.

So I’ve switched to brands I know I can trust, or I make my own products. I’ve cut out the candles and air fresheners and I diffuse my own blends. And it feels good, but the problem is I’m a sucker for packaging. Always have been. And on a recent trip to Anthropologie, I was absolutely overcome by all the gorgeous little bottles and tins all around me.

“Why can’t I have anything pretty anymore?” I thought to myself, almost jealous of the people who buy such beautiful trinkets, blissfully unaware of what’s really in them. “I mean, there’s no harm in sniffing things. Those perfumes look like they’ll be high quality…”

I made my way over to a pretty little display of bottles, with names like “Verbena” and “Lychee Rose” and other things that sounded like they came from the earth. One smelled bright green and slightly peppery, and I spritzed some on my wrist.


Once it hit my skin it dried down to a strong, sickly sweet, generic and cheap smelling mess. It brought on an instant headache. I left the store and started trying to scrub it off with my Thieves hand sanitizer when I got to my car. I went to meet a friend for lunch and when she hugged me hello she said “Oh, you smell pretty…”

“No I don’t. It’s horrible. I’ve washed my wrists off three times already and it won’t go away.” Blech.

So I decided to make my own damn perfume. And I made it pretty.

5 drops of lavender

5 drops of frankincense

3 drops of lemon

A splash of alcohol

Organic rose petals

Topped off with rosewater

It smells DIVINE. I can’t stop sniffing myself. And how pretty is that little 10 ml bottle? Lesson learned.

Anyone else make their own perfume? Share your blends in the comments. 

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