New Moon in Aquarius — A Time for Action

Yesterday, on Instagram, I made the comment that I was really into the purples, because I’d been drawn to my Lavender and Envision oils (two of our favorite purple labels) and was diffusing them throughout the day. I was in a scheming mood, and Envision is one I look to for all the plottin’ and plannin’ support.

Today, though, we move into the new moon in Aquarius–which has us just as much focusing on those dreams and schemes, but there’s more an emphasis on making those fantasies a reality. Aquarius calls on us to actually flesh out those ideas so they’re no longer pipe dreams.

So along with Lavender, which is always useful in quieting the monkeys in my brain, I’m diffusing Grounding — a yummy woodsy blend of white fir, spruce, ylang ylang, pine, cedarwood, angelica, and juniper (and another purple!) — to help ward off escapism and my tendency to keep my head in the clouds. We need feet on the ground right now.

A few other things that help me when I need to turn daydreams into action:

+ Write down your goals. Do it in small, measurable steps. It seems so simple, right? Yet it’s so easy to say “I’ll get around to it later” or “I don’t need to, it’s in my head already.” When you read about routines and habits of highly successful people, this is one that makes them stand out from the rest. There’s power in stating your intention.

+ Protect your dream babies. State your intentions, but when you’re in the beginning stages of a plan nothing can take the wind out of your sails faster than a naysayer. You might want to shout things from the rooftops, but for now share with trusted friends or accountability partners. The time for broadcasting will come later.

+ Do it scared. When God, the Universe, Source, your Higher Self, the Muse, or your dear departed Great Aunt Sally give you an inkling of an idea that swells your heart with joy and makes your pulse race, act on it. Don’t fall into the trap of waiting until things are perfect, or the timing is right, or {fill in the blank excuse} — when we manifest opportunities, and then wait around for them to be more convenient, we’re sending the signals that we don’t want those opportunities. And we’re meant for bigger things than that.

February is bringing big things, you guys. Really big things. Now, what are you doing to actively make your dreams reality?

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I wear a lot of hats. I’m a writer, designer, and motion graphics artist. A Taurus sun/Scorpio moon/Leo rising. An ENFP, HSP, and all-around bleeding heart. A folk medicine anthropologist and purveyor of tiny bottles of plant magic. I co-own Baskervillain Studios with my husband, John, and we live in a funky little enclave five-ish miles outside Atlanta with our kitty, Magical Mr. Murphy O. Milam. I started my blog because I’m fascinated by herbal medicine, natural remedies, essential oils, and DIY beauty. And because when the zombie apocalypse hits, damn it, I’m gonna need a trade. I’ll pull my weight, I promise. I write about my ongoing journey using herbs, Young Living essential oils, and traditional foods as a way to take ownership of my own health and wellness. I post recipes, herbal and folk remedies, and DIY skin and beauty care made from natural ingredients. And a little kitchen witchery sneaks in now and again.

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