Hi, I’m Jenny.

I wear a lot of hats.

I’m a writer, designer, and motion graphics artist. A Taurus sun/Scorpio moon/Leo rising. An ENFP, HSP, and all-around bleeding heart. A folk medicine anthropologist and purveyor of tiny bottles of plant magic.

I co-own Baskervillain Studios with my husband, John, and we live in a funky little enclave five-ish miles outside Atlanta with our kitty, Magical Mr. Murphy O. Milam.

I started this blog because I’m fascinated by herbal medicine, natural remedies, essential oils, and DIY beauty. And because when the zombie apocalypse hits, damn it, I’m gonna need a trade. I’ll pull my weight, I promise.

I’ll be writing here about my ongoing journey using herbs, Young Living essential oils, and traditional foods as a way to take ownership of my own health and wellness. I’ll post recipes, herbal and folk remedies, and DIY skin and beauty care made from natural ingredients. And I’m sure a little kitchen witchery will sneak in now and again. I’m so happy you found your way here.

With love + plant magic,