Morning Gratitude Ritual

Gratitude is a vibrational match to abundance. When we're grateful for what we have, we are given more. I firmly believe this. But as I’m not always so great at remembering it, I’ve started working this little ritual into my life. I’m not going to lie and tell you I remember to do this EVERY morning, … Continue reading Morning Gratitude Ritual

DIY:: Empty Bottle Bath Salts

Is your essential oil corner being crowded out by all those empty bottles you can’t bring yourself to throw away? Good news—you’re not a hoarder after all! You simply knew, somehow, deep down in your bones, there was still a use for these little bottles of plant magic. Like, for instance, amazing (and super thrifty) … Continue reading DIY:: Empty Bottle Bath Salts

Chaga, “King of Medicinal Mushrooms”

At the end of 2016, I went through a real tough spot with anxiety. Like, a three-panic-attacks-a-day, can’t-leave-my-house kind of spot. Some of it was circumstantial (there were just a few stressors floating through the ether around November 2016) but mostly it was my body telling me something needed to change RIGHT NOW. I was … Continue reading Chaga, “King of Medicinal Mushrooms”