Spring Cleaning Ritual

I don’t know about you, but I’m still buzzing off that full moon in Libra, and it’s got me in a de-cluttering kind of mood. I want to make space in my life for the big things I’m manifesting, and it helps to do so physically as well as mentally. The weather is absolutely gorgeous … Continue reading Spring Cleaning Ritual

Natural Perfume DIY

Did you know that some of the most toxic items in your home are the ones that are meant to make things smell fresh and clean? Wrap your head around that for a minute. Air fresheners, candles, fabric softeners, scented lotions, perfumes… It makes no sense, but there it is. Anything with the word “fragrance” … Continue reading Natural Perfume DIY

Chaga, “King of Medicinal Mushrooms”

At the end of 2016, I went through a real tough spot with anxiety. Like, a three-panic-attacks-a-day, can’t-leave-my-house kind of spot. Some of it was circumstantial (there were just a few stressors floating through the ether around November 2016) but mostly it was my body telling me something needed to change RIGHT NOW. I was … Continue reading Chaga, “King of Medicinal Mushrooms”