Meet the Premium Starter Kit

When you join my tribe by grabbing a Premium Starter Kit, you’ll receive 12 amazing oils (described below), your choice of diffuser, samples to share, a 24% off wholesale discount, and a freaking amazing tribe of badass boho moon-gazin’ babes to walk alongside you and get you acclimated in your new oily journey. I can’t wait for you to jump in with me.

The Oils


A classic favorite. Sometimes called the unicorn oil, because honestly, what can’t it do? Lavender has a fresh floral, clean and calm scent. I have not been without a bottle of lavender on my bathroom counter for nigh on two decades now, and lemme tell you, this little bottle sealed the deal on Young Living for me. I keep a bottle of a grocery store brand of lavender in my home and make people smell the difference when they come over. Y’all. It’s not even the same oil.

Cross my heart, you’ll swoon when you try it.


Frankincense has been sought after since ancient times. In fact it was literally used as currency once up on a time, which should clarify that whole Wise Men/Baby Jesus connection.

This oil has an earthy, uplifting aroma that’s perfect for grounding and spiritual connectedness, making it the perfect companion for journaling, meditation, prayer, manifestation work, or yoga.

Which is all fantastic. But to be honest with you, I hoard Frank for my skin. Allll the glowiness over here. Research is being done on this powerful oil and it’s properties for health. Trust me when I tell you that you should Google this one on your own.


Lemon is an invigorating oil that is fantastic for promoting health and purification. Cold-pressed from lemon rinds, Lemon essential oil has a strong, purifying, citrus scent that is revitalizing and uplifting. It contains 68 percent d-limonene, a powerful antioxidant. Lemon can also be used to enhance the flavor of foods and water and may be beneficial for the skin.

It’s also Nature’s “Goo Gone” and powerhouse de-greaser, not to mention your BFF when you need to rid your home (or car, or shoes, or gym bag) of stale or funky smells.


Fresh, nostalgic, and instantly recognizable, Peppermint essential oil’s scent invigorates the mind and senses, while inspiring a sense of peace. Used topically, Peppermint oil creates a cool, tingling sensation on the skin, making it a favorite for sports massage. When your day is dragging—through a workout, class, or day at work—enjoy some Peppermint oil benefits by applying it to your head and neck. The refreshing aroma will give you a boost of positivity! Peppermint is also a great option for diffusing on its own or with compatible scents such as Lavender, Rosemary, Spearmint, or Sage!


Thieves oil is an excellent blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus + rosemary, and was specifically designed to support the body’s natural defenses. It was developed based on an awesomely macabre tale of a group of thieves during the plague-ridden 15th century who were able to rob graves without falling ill. Spoiler alert: they were spice traders who knew how to carefully prepare herbal medicines that boosted their health. This oil is fantastic for your immune system, especially when you are going to be around a lot of people. And it smells like Christmas. Thieves oil is also the basis of a large number of Young Living’s personal care products.


A blend of Ravintsara, Eucalyptus Radiata, Wintergreen, Peppermint and Lemon. It is uplifting and energizing, supporting the immune system, respiratory system, and healthy lung function. The naturally occurring constituents eucalyptol, menthol, and methyl salicylate provide an invigorating and empowering experience, particularly before or after a workout or when winding down for the evening. Raven oil opens the solar plexus and heart chakras, helping to express ourselves better.


A blend of Wintergreen, Clove, Helichrysum, and Peppermint created for topical use to soothe achy muscles and create a stimulating aromatic experience. It is invigorating and cooling, and promotes well being. Apply this blend after exercise, or anytime, for its soothing, stimulating aroma. Pro tip: Diffusing this blend along with Peppermint and Stress Away (more on that one below) will make your house smell like a Thin Mint cookie. So actually, if you’re anything like me, diffuse at your own risk lest you eat all the things


Use DiGize Vitality essential oil to help you enjoy each and every meal! This proprietary blend of Young Living essential oils is a great mealtime companion and addition to your wellness regimen. DiGize Vitality™ blends Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli essential oils for a strong but fresh-tasting blend—a perfect follow-up to any meal. Some cultures munch on fennel seeds after meals, and the use of this potent plant even dates back to ancient Egypt. It’s rich unique aroma and taste can be calming and comforting. This oil is one that goes with us everywhere, especially when traveling!

Citrus Fresh

When you think of a scent that’s uplifting or invigorating, the sharp fresh scent of lemons or oranges probably springs to mind. And for good reason! If you could bottle happiness, it would smell like citrus. And you’re in luck. Someone bottled it. 

Citrus Fresh is a blend of six essential oils, five citrus oils, and one mint oil: Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, and Spearmint. The uplifting, refreshing aroma brightens a mood just as quickly as it deodorizes and neutralizes the air. 

Stress Away

This yummy oil is nicknamed “vacation in a bottle.” A unique combination of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocetea, and Lavender. With an aroma that is the perfect blend of tropical, citrus, and vanilla it is wonderfully relaxing and comforting. It can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension. Perfect for grocery runs with kiddos, or other stolen moments amidst chaos. I keep a roller top on my bottle and it lives in my purse.

Peace & Calming

The name says it all, y’all. Peace & Calming is a gentle, sweet blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy. It encourages deep relaxation, helps to ease tension, and is great support for your bedtime routine or in settling overactive littles. The scent is citrusy, floral, and earthy all at once, and I’ve definitely worn it as straight perfume on more than one occasion. I also love to add it to my homemade sugar scrub and give it as gifts.


You guys. I don’t have enough words to fully express my love and adoration for this oil. Valor is our bravery oil. Our courage oil. Our fortitude oil. A truly unique blend of Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, Camphor Wood, Geranium, and Frankincense–a combination that legends tell us was used in massage for generals of ancient Rome to help calm their nerves and focus their thoughts as they prepared for military campaigns.

Valor has a woodsy, grounding, slightly fruity aroma that my body simply craves now. It can be a key oil in overcoming emotional abuse and recovering from trauma. It’s a powerhouse when facing a trial or season of adversity. Its natural properties help align the body both emotionally and physically. Use it to greet each morning with a positive attitude or to refocus at the end of a challenging day.

The Diffusers

You have a choice of diffusers for your Premium Starter Kit, starting at $165 (with a retail value of over $400). At that level, I recommend the Desert Mist diffuser. It runs up to 10 hours, has 11 light settings including a dreamy candler flicker mode, and has a beautiful Moroccan motif to it. If you’re wanting to splurge a little, I cannot recommend the Aria enough. She is my love. Bamboo and glass, with several light settings, a spa music and chime option, and even a place to plug in your phone or MP3 player.

In addition to all of this you’ll receive samples of the Thieves Household Cleaner (it’s replaced every cleaner in my house), and NingXia Red supplements (the yummiest superpower antioxidant drink you’ve ever tasted), two roller top fitments that can be popped onto any oil in your kit, and a free bottle of Thieves Waterless Hand Purifyer.

Now is that not just the prettiest box of plant magic you ever did see? Let’s get you started! Click the link below, choose Wholesale Membership, and then pick your kit!

Are you interested but just need to try before you buy? Click HERE to have some samples sent right to your door to try out for free! You will get a sample of Lavender, Lemon + Thieves, you just cover the shipping!