Essential Oils

So what is this plant juice voodoo anyway?

If you’ve found yourself here, chances are you’re looking to learn a little, or maybe a little more, about essential oils.

To me, they are bottles of literal plant magic, but to quote some experts…

“Lovingly harvested from farm-grown and wildcrafted plants, herbs, and trees, essential oils are concentrated plant extracts obtained by careful steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. These pure essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they are extracted. We offer hundreds of single oils, blends, and oil-infused products, each containing the optimal level of specific, naturally occurring constituents to maximize their potency. Whether you use oils for aromatherapy, personal care, or household solutions, every aspect of daily life can benefit from the incorporation of essential oils!”

Here’s just a little taste (or sniff) of what this plant magic can do for you.

Essential oils can be used to support every body system– skeletal, muscular, circluatory, endocrine, hormonal, respiratory, immune, and limbic (emotional). They can:

+ Help eliminate toxins in your body
+ Promote cellular regeneration
+ Pass through the blood-brain barrier
+ Work on emotions via the limbic system of your brain
+ Promote healthy emotional wellness and relax and clear the mind
+ Transport nutrients
+ Act as powerful antioxidants
+ Remove toxins in the air
+ Promote healthy, breathable air
+ Offer a great alternative to chemical or toxic fragrances

Within 22 seconds essential oil molecules reach the brain.
Within 2 minutes they are found in the bloodstream.
Within 20 minutes they affect every cell in the body.

This is powerful stuff. But not all oils are created equal.

Personally, I’ve been an essential oil user for nearly 20 years. You name a brand, I’ve tried it. And the ONLY brand I trust on myself and my loved ones is Young Living. They are hands down the purest essential oils on the planet, and the company is one of the most transparent, loyal, and generous organizations I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

With Young Living, you never have to doubt where your oils come from. Their farming practices are completely transparent. You can go walk the lavender fields yourself. Click here to view their amazing Seed to Seal promise.

With Young Living, you never have to wonder what’s actually in your bottle. Unlike other brands, who can label their oils as 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade when only 5% of what’s in the bottle resembles an actual essential oil. Each batch of Young Living’s oil is tested, then tested, then tested again. Any oils found less than perfect are fed back to the soil as natural fertilizer and pest repellent.

With Young Living, you never have to wonder about ethical business practices. As someone who draws a paycheck from the company each month, I’m happy to shout their name from the rooftops.

There’s so much more information to share about these magical little bottles, and I know it can seem overwhelming at times. After all, there are about 300 different essential oils out there.

The awesome news is, you really only need around 10 to get started on your wellness journey. Click here to learn about the oils in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit.

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